Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Surdheimir Dwur

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The Surdheimir are exactly like standard Dwarves in 1st Edition, with only three differences:

1) Surdheimir may be Wizards, and in fact are ENCOURAGED to be wizards. Their race is heavy in magic; much like the fables of Scandinavian/Norse Dwarves were for making magical items and such. The only restriction to this is that the Dwur must be either a Fighter/Wizard or Thief/Wizard at character creation. The Surdheimir may also be Fighter/Illusionists and Thief/Illusionists.

2) Surdheimir do not get a bonus to hit orcs and goblins; but they DO get a bonus for hitting ANYONE in their home territory of +1…either their clan’s home area, or after the character establishes their own holding (whether tower, castle or etc.)

3) Surdheimir are NOT known for Clerics of any kind. If a player wishes to play a Surdheimer Dwur Cleric, he needs a VERY strong story reason why.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Surdheimir Dwur

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