Arbiter Angel

Arbiter angelArbiter Angels are rarely seen; and even then the memory is something more akin to a blur from a dream than what could normally be remembered as a waking memory.

Arbiters are judges of mortality; and executioners of the same. However, they are more often dispatched by gods, such as Vhal, to destroy some abomination or undead that was spawned through foul and evil wizardry that has corrupted the body and/or soul of a mortal. Such executions are rare; but in some instances they occur…and so quickly that often those who witness the event are not quite sure exactly what had just happened.

These Angels do not speak, negotiate or even wait for response; if they are seen at all. They simply appear and use their entire might to do what it is that must be done. When they have been seen, they are said to use a massive sword to execute their target. The sword is said to not do damage physically to their foe; but as it passes through an enemy, threads of the beings soul travel behind the sword and are absorbed by it apparently. Beings that are not so easily destroyed are subjected to the fury of the Arbiters divinely given power…and such a death is apparently far worse than the death wrought by their sword.

Regardless of the reason for their appearance, or seeming lack of appearance, as the case may be; when the Arbiter’s work is finished, it simply vanishes and the world is left to wonder and be as it was before.


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Arbiter Angel

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