Crown's Freeman Tax

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A very noted being once said: “Freedom is not free, all men seeking it must pay the price for freedom to ensure they are free!” This is scripture of Vhal! To the feudal system of the Kingdom of Mahn, this is very true!

On the first day of winter every year, the agents of the King and his Nobility collect a Fee from each and every one in the Kingdom that can prove he was free the year before! This entails either providing papers from a noble saying so, or to be in the lands of a noble who’s agents know the Freeman personally. Those who have no proof can still get it at this time; it is actually the time when a man can buy his freedom.

To be free takes a GREAT deal of money. It costs a full Gold Crown to be free in the Kingdom of Mahn; each and every year. This may not sound like a great deal to many; but it is exceedingly hard for poor people to gather enough Tin Bits to manage a Gold Crown as one gold coin is equal to 1,000 Tin Pieces! Such money is to be found in cities, but in the country you can’t simply hand a Noble’s Tax Collector 10 goats and call yourself free…it has to actually be a Gold Crown.

Not any combination of coins equal to a Gold Crown, but the actual Gold Coin!

Crown's Freeman Tax

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