Crown's Harvest Tax

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The Crown (either King or Queen if no King) collects only one tenth of the annual harvest from every hectare of land in the Kingdom of Mahn. This includes everything from harvesting wheat to harvesting coal!

One tenth of everything that is taken from the Crown’s Land. Only the “Kingdom” of Drudach is partially exempt from this tax as there is a set tribute given to the White King from this land.

Note, this is not a trade tax…only a tax on raw goods. So, while a bushel of wheat is so taxed; a loaf of bread is not. While a ton of iron ore would be so taxed, a sword is not…and so on.

These taxes are collected by each noble for the King. Each noble then passes these taxes to the next higher noble until it reaches the many and various storehouses of the Crown.

It should be noted that each lesser noble also collects a like ten percent from his lands as well! Some peasants are taxed heavily thus:

The King gets his tenth
The Duke gets his tenth
The Count gets his tenth
The Baron gets his tenth
The Knight gets his tenth
and that isn’t even counting the Tithe of the Church of Vhal!

This makes some farmers only sustenance level farmers…and ensures that peasants stay peasants!

Considering that this is thought of as light taxes, you can see how much worse it must be in such places as the Karnite Empire.

It should also be noted that only the Crown and Dukes may place a “Harvest Tax” on anything other than crops and herds.

Crown's Harvest Tax

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