Crown's Sword Tax

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Being free is all well and good; but to actually carry a weapon costs money too! The crown yearly collects a Sword Tax from all Freemen wishing to carry a blade…Knights and higher Nobility and Royalty are completely exempt from this tax; as are their retainers and Men-at-Arms.

This tax also costs 1 Gold Crown; but it can be paid in any coinage combination the payer wishes. Those unable to produce the stamped Iron Pin (usually worn on a cloak or as some sort of jewelry) that denotes this tax has been paid must either surrender all weapons short of farming implements and such as clubs and daggers if they can’t pay the tax on the spot. It should be noted that bows, but not crossbows, are considered exempt from this tax so long as the carrier is a Free Yeoman.

Those who lose their pin must still pay a full gold coin in value even if the man who collected their Sword Tax comes to them the next day, recognizes them, but asks to see it!

Because of an ancient alliance between the Kingdom of Mahn and the Fhey Empire, no full blooded Fhey must pay this tax.

Crown's Sword Tax

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