Crown's Vassalage Tax

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The Vassalage Tax is a rather obscure tax in the Kingdom; it essentially amounts to the King Placing a certain fee on a noble’s title and that noble must pay that tax to the King every year.

This is a coin tax, nothing is accepted in its place but Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper Coins (the King only accepts Copper from the Arch-Duke of Dwurholme); or at least bulk metals of these types.

Other nobles are allowed to tax their own lesser nobles in the same manner; and usually do so at a rate that the King sets. This tax can break some nobles however if their lands become impoverished and they are unable to pay their higher noble.

Many nobles of Mahn, to maintain their noble title, allow second and third sons the use of some part of their resources to act as common Freemen do to conduct trade and business; thus allowing the noble access to their accumulated coffers to pay his Vassalage Tax.

The second part of Vassalage Tax is supplying the greater noble with Soldiers. The Crown expects from EVERY SINGLE NOBLE exactly one Knight and one Squire OR the funds to pay for the upkeep and arming of a Knight and Squire by the greater noble. In times of war, more men are expected, but this is the minimum year round.

Such as Knights do not have to supply a Knight to a higher noble of course; they are usually never on their own lands as they are required to serve their greater noble directly at most times of the year. However, a Knight given by a Baron to a Count may be given by that Count to a Duke and by that Duke to the King! Each is then fulfilling their required Vassalage. Such Knights usually are then appointed additional lands by the King in the Heuaardlands, where they are richly rewarded for their service to the White King!

Crown's Vassalage Tax

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