Cult of Sogar

The Cult of Sogar is comprised of Minotaurs who have deified the Hero Sogar.

Sogar was the Minotaur who helped to free the slaves of the Karnite Imperial City and surrounding lands over time and brought them together in the island of Sogar’s Hold. To this day he is venerated as a heroic legend among the Minotaur race and is viewed as god by a growing number of Minotaurs.

The Cult of Sogar helps in defending the nation of Sogar’s Hold, they ply the seas with Minotaur warships to help free other Minotaurs and even adventure abroad in other lands where they can to acquire knowledge and strength to bring back to the Minotaur people of Sogar’s Hold. The Clerics of this order are very warlike, but they are tempered heavily by prudent wisdom and a desire to learn as well. Sogar himself was a powerful warrior and a powerful spell caster; and so his followers often seek to emulate him in this regard.

The favored weapon of this order is the Greatsword; and they harness their greatest powers from two of the Domains of Magic, Protection, Strength or War. There are only a few hundred true clerics of Sogar’s Cult at this time; but many tens of thousands of Minotaurs lend their prayers to the increasing strength of this religion and more join it every day.

Only very rarely do Minotaurs come to be called to the path of a Paladin. Minotaurs by their nature are removed from evil, but so too are they usually called from the path of being a Paladin. Those that are show the highest virtues and beckon their people onto the path of high morality and sacrifice; they are exemplars of what it means to be a Paladin. Within Sogar’s Hold, some few of these heroic titans of Law and Good stand guard over the lone Temple of Sogar within the known world of Aerk. They would fight to the bitter end to prevent an evil from even gaining a foothold upon their God’s temple steps; and indeed one of them is rumored to still stand guard even beyond death as an ascended being of some kind.

Of the few Paladins of Sogar, most truly come from among the ranks of Freemen within the Kingdom of Mahn where they have founded an Order called “The Free Swords of Sogar” who work to improve the lot of their kind within the bounds of the only Kingdom to truly show some equality to their race. These men are granted the status of Knights Errant by the White King of Mahn in agreement with the ruling council of Sogar’s Hold and the High Priest of Sogar from the same land.


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Cult of Sogar

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