Giant’s Belt Mountains

Principality of Valinor


The Giant’s Belt Mountains are a low lying range that once was home to a Giant Kingdom long ago; followed soon after that nations demise by a number of petty Thurse Kingdoms. The descendents of these Thurse live in the great caverns and caves of the tunnel laden mountains to this day; though far fewer in number and dwindling more every year as they are hunted by the Knights of one land or Thanes of another.

The Giant’s Belt Mountains are a great boon to the Kingdom of Mahn however; without them the great winter storms would sweep deeper inland each year and weigh heavily on the human populations now found norther of their low peaks. Instead, many storms are channeled along the western shores of Mahn or along its southern shores less often; but more obviously so due to the lower populations to be found in such lands as the Heuaardlands and New Duchies.

The Giant’s Belt Mountains are also home to many Drakes as well, and so called “Dragon Hunters” come here often seeking to the lair of a “Dragon” to slay and claim its horde. A True Dragon hasn’t been seen here for hundreds of years; but the many Sea Drakes more than fulfill the need of Dragon Hunting. Even these top predators must compete against Mhag Trolls and Thurse bands however, as well as more mundane mountain lions, mountain bears and the rare Hag Coven!

Of interest to many adventurers are the many tunnels long ago delved by various races which reach into the Deep Realms. Here are warrens of goblins to be culled alongside much more dark and powerful beings; some such being witnessed are dreaded Beholders!

Giant’s Belt Mountains

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