Great Aurochs

Great aurochsThe Great Aurochs, or Dire Aurochs, is a rare breed of massive cattle primarily used by the Thurse and various Giant and Giant-Kin races for food stock. However, as far as civilized people are concerned, it is used primarily as a machine of war!

The Great Aurochs is larger than an elephant, and twice as strong. Barbaric Thurse usually ride these beasts into battles that are against civilized formations of enemy soldiers as the sheer power of the Great Aurochs allows it to destroy such formations and allow the Thurse to then break through lines much easier.

In the wild and left alone, the Great Aurochs is a somewhat docile creature; rarely inclined to even show threats of force against creatures much smaller than itself. Even a mounted knight doesn’t provoke much attention from these herd animals; and they are more likely to move away rapidly even from larger predators. When cornered or provoked, however, they become nearly mindless engines of destruction that will not cease their attack until their foe is ground into a bloody mass upon the ground.


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Great Aurochs

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