Mindless Horror

Mindless horrorA Mindless Horror is the stuff of nightmare and waking dread. It is the raw essence of fear, wrath and destruction rolled into one slavering monster that can’t be reasoned with, outrun, or even very often defeated.

A Mindless Horror is not truly mindless, it just has the power to drive mortals to mindless acts that would cause a demon some pause to consider undertaking; because anyone driven mad by a Mindless Horror has no thought of their own safety or well being and will simply indulge in an orgy of slaughter and pure chaos.

Mindless Horrors are thought to manifest from the remains of battle-fields, places of great carnage, or amid the dark pits of a wizard’s fell experiments. Regardless of their place of origin, when a Mindless Horror is indeed encountered there is little thought of where it came from; only, instead, of how to survive against it or avoid being enslaved by its depraved will.


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Mindless Horror

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