Social Classes of Mahn

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The Kingdom of Mahn has a very straightforward feudal system; with a majority of its people belonging to a peasantry class that is not free to move where it will. While not the same as a serf, the peasants of the Kingdom are tied to their land by feudal vassalage; meaning that they swear fealty to a noble and are obligated to serve him.

The various social classes are:

White King of Mahn

Queen of Mahn

Royal Prince

Royal Princess

King of Drudach

Arch-Duke of Mahn

Duke of Mahn

Count of Mahn

Earl of Mahn

Viscount of Mahn

Baron of Mahn

Thane of Mahn

Baronet of Mahn

Lord or Lady of Mahn

Knight of Mahn

Freeman of Mahn

Peasant of Mahn

Thrall of Mahn

Social Classes of Mahn

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