Tagash is a City-State controlled by the Daerkur located to the east of the Knights of Thorn on the coast of the Dead Sea. It is thought that long ago it was an outpost of the Empire of Azar ruled by his warrior servants in their battles against the nation of Brom. Whatever its origin, Tagash is a city in bitter decline and increasing ruination.

Tagash isn’t even the real name of the city; it was once known as Alerondak, and it was a city constructed by the Dwur at the order of their then Aerkay masters. Tagash’Kar is the name of the current Daerkur “King”, or Kar, that rules this place and the lands surrounding it. His soldiers are proud Daerkur that know their history and their ancestors; and they are fierce warriors who struggle to re-tame these lands and found a proper kingdom apart from the barbarity of the Kur Tribes.

Tagash is a despicable and evil warrior-king however. His draconian laws are respected by his soldiers, but the common “citizen” of this nation is downtrodden and brutally subjugated; truly no better than a slave. Goblins, Kur and even Thurse are subjects of this nation; but Tagash doesn’t keep Human or Dwur slaves to avoid reprisals from powerful neighboring kingdoms. He primarily makes war against local Kur and Goblin tribes, though most are beginning to accept him as their own King as well.

This very act of “civilizing” more lands around his capital city has recently brought Tagash and his armies into skirmishing conflicts with the Knights of Thorn however. Tagash knows that the Knights could currently defeat him; but he tries to avoid outright war by offering fine Daerkur soldiers as mercenaries to the Knights of Thorn to make war against the Bandits; and he has even offered small companies of mercenary Daerkur to nobles of the River Fiefs within the Kingdom of Mahn as well to increase his political alliances.

What the future of the “Kingdom” of Tagash is remains to be seen; but currently the City-State of Tagash is growing in military might, but falling to ruin from lack of proper maintenance and knowledge to repair its ancient infrastructure.


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